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Leading Brand of Computer Accessories in Sadiqabad….We are living in the age of information revolution. Technology is reshaping every relation in society and it redefining all social bonds. Technological gadgets are very important in order to cope with the challenges of such modern society.An effective and speedy communication is required for the growth and prosperity. Sohail computers is a place which facilitate people to get modern gadgets as well as educate them to decide suitable gadget for them. This channel is an effort to disseminate information related to technology,modern computing gadgets, computers, laptops, graphic cards, storage devices, cctv cameras and printers etc. By subscribing this channel you will regularly get videos full of information related to computers and Technology.This is the result 13 years of experience of Mr Sohail Farooq.On this channel he will share his experience with you.It would be better for you to learn from these videos before buying any gadget or computer.